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Free Skydiving Certificate (suitable for framing) with your Tandem Skydive!

NOTE: Skydive Pepperell requires all first jumps to be a tandem skydive, as many other drop zones do as well. We feel that your first jump is all about experiencing a real skydive first hand and that in the care of an experienced instructor as your tandem pilot you will achieve a number of important things: freefall in which you can concentrate on freefall body position, a stable and relatively easy deployment, an assisted canopy flight and landing all without the pressure of going it alone.

All of the thousands of folks we have introduced to skydiving have enjoyed their first jump and those who went on to achieve their "A" license have always said that their tandem was an important first step. Your tandem skydive counts as one of your required 25 skydives for a license, so it is an important step towards that goal, if you choose to proceed in that direction. If your tandem is a once in a lifetime skydive, and you chose not to enter our skydiving training program, then you have made a true skydive, with exciting freefall and canopy flight and landing that was conducted under the close supervision of one of New England's most experienced skydivers in an environment that stresses safety and enjoyment of the world's most exciting sports.

This Is What A Tandem Skydive Entails:


On your tandem skydive you will experience the thrill of freefall and the serenity of a parachute canopy ride with only about an hour of ground training. Experience a heart-stopping moment as you stand at the edge of the aircraft door 10,500 feet above the ground. You will experience the joy and thrill of about 45 seconds of freefall. You and your tandem instructor will reach the speed of approximately 120 mph.

Before your skydive all aspects of the jump will be explained, via videos and one-on-one training with your instructor. You will be shown the state of the art equipment that will be used. During the actual Tandem Skydive, you'll be securely attached to a professional tandem instructor who will assist you in pulling the ripcord and steering you to a safe landing. Tandem Skydiving is the ideal way to make your first skydive. We have taken people of all ages, from 18 to 80, and now it's your turn, too.

NOTE: Our tandem skydives include a ride to an altitude of 10,500 feet above ground level (AGL) and we do not charge extra for the use of credit cards. PLUS, we jump out of a state-of-the-art Twin Otter which offers comfort and easy exits. Our price includes everything for a great skydive. Video and stills are extra at Pepperell as they are at all drop zones.

Skydive Pepperell has:

  • picnic tables for you
  • shaded view area
  • the best viewing site in New England
  • a new wind tunnel only 10 minutes away
  • easy access to Manchester airport (only 5 miles from Rt 3.)

We are open 7 days a week during our season: May 1st to October 31st.

Located in Pepperell, MA


Frequently asked questions about tandem jumping

What you can do next, after your tandem, to learn more?

Tandem Pricing, and Options

Special Notes:You must be 18 years of age to skydive. You should be in good physical condition and due to equipment specifications and limitations the maximum weight for tandem skydiving is 225 pounds.

Skydiving is a weather-dependent sport and certain conditions may prohibit jumping for safety reasons. Ground training courses are held regardless of the weather conditions.

If you have any questions please call toll-free (800) SKY-JUMP or email manifest@skyjump.com.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Skydive Pepperell requires a $75 Booking fee PER PERSON at the time of making the reservation, this is part of the cost of the jumpPlease call us at least 1 week in advance should you need to cancel or change your reservation. Two week notice is required for large groups. This policy does not apply to jumps that are cancelled or  rescheduled due to inclement weather.

Remember Our Tandem Price Match Policy

We will match tandem offers from any skydiving company with a 15-plus seat turbine aircraft within 75 miles of Skydive Pepperell. WE ARE THE ONLY DROPZONE IN MASSACHUSETTS THAT OPERATES A TWIN OTTER THAT HOLDS 22 SKYDIVERS !

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