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From: Maureen [address removed]

Subject: Thank you


I wanted to email to thank the staff, especially D.J. and Phil for making my very first skydive during the Operation Swan Dive such a memorable event. It is definitely something that I plan to repeat and have already recruited two friends to come out and do the event after they saw the pictures and video that Phil shot, one who will be jumping for the first time. I hope to do many more jumps in the future so thank you all again.


Maureen Polson

From: lianne wachira [address removed]

To: manifest@skyjump.com

Subject: Thanks for a great time!!!


Nothing can explain the feeling when you are standing next to an open airplane door, ten thousand feet above sea level. Absolutely nothing can explain the thrill when you jump out!!!


Thanks guys for such a great Tandem sky diving experience- I jumped with Keith, MAN you rock!!! I apologize for screaming your ears off, but I had the time of my life...and I'm so so glad that I chose to take pictures and a video (Great job Carol)...


me and my five friends will be seeing you SOON!


love, Lianne

From: John Hugo [address removed

To: Skydive Pepperell

Subject: Re: Thank You


Had a blast - definately coming for AFF - just need to save a few pennies or sell some stuff...Van was amazing! See you soon.

John Hugo

From: Renee & Daniel [address remove
To: manifest@skyjump.com
Subject: Re: Thank you


Hey Manifest!

I just wanted to thank you for the skydive. I will never forget this experience. It was the perfect birthday present for my boyfriend and, of course, i enjoyed it as well. Keith did an amazing job with us that day. He was very helpful and made sure you felt comfortable. Please thank him for me. Here are our pictures!

Renee Caron & Daniel Reid

From: Wendi Sabatino [address removed]

To: Skydive Pepperell

Subject: Re: Thank You!


We had a BLAST! Joel and I are so thankful to have had the opportunity to do something that many only dream about! The staff & instructors were so accomodating, kind and reassuring... (not that Joel needed reassuring, but I did! - I was SSSOOO scared before my jump!!) - but I would do it again in a heartbeat! What a beautiful experience!


Joel got his DVD today and it was AMAZING! I should get mine tomorrow, hopefully. I love how his was set to cool music and the re-play was done... A+ ACROSS THE BOARDS to Pepperell!!!! We are recommending it to everyone we talk to and have shown our pictures to almost all our friends so far. We have a LOT of friends who will be skydiving with you SOON! (They're all jealous!)


A special thanks to Rich, Joel's instructor (YOU ROCK!), and Keith, my instructor (*BIG HUG*!) You guys are amazing! Keith, I could've NEVER gone through with my jump had you not been so calming and kind! Looking back, I wish I hadn't kept my eyes closed at the beginning because I was so scared (!!) - but NEXT time, you can bet I'll have them wide open with a great big smile on my face!!


Hopefully, we'll see you again next year!!


God Bless!!!!

~ Wendi Sabatino~

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