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From: Elizabeth Mills [address removed
To: Skydive Pepperell
Subject: Re: Thank You!


Thanks so much Pepperell! Send many thanks to Kieth! I had a blast!


I live in SE CT so I can't go to Pepperell to get certified, but I will be getting it as soon as i can! 


Liz Mills

From: Phil Billington [address remo

To: Skydive Pepperell

Subject: Re: Thank You!


What a blast we had a great experience ! and yes I will be back to jump again. Cant thank Rob and Phil enough, these guys were great . They made me feel relaxed, and had lots of fun, i will be asking Rob to guide me on my next jump. thanks to all the staff at Skydive Pepperell

From: Liza Dube [address removed)

To: manifest@skyjump.com

Subject: Jump! 


Thanks everyone! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again.

Rich and Carolyn are awesome!


Liza Dube

From: MARC RAMLAL [address removed]


To: Skydive Pepperell

Subject: Re: Thank You


I can't remember when last I had such a trill. Thanks Guys.

Hope we can start something like this in Trinidad and Tobago.

Piyush P. (Harrison, NJ)

This was my first time skydiving and I'm happy I went to this place. No complaints. Everyone (from the front desk to the instructor) was very nice & cooperative. May be there are better skydiving centers, but this is one of them. We gotta reschedule due to bad winds, they were very cool & cooperative about it. Infact they made us watch the video & fill out waiver the 1st time we went so that the next time we can just make the jump. And thats how it went. When we reached on the rescheduled day, we did not have to wait for the waiver & video we just jumped. It was an amazing experience. 

Tip - If you are planning to have your jump recorded, make sure you take both the packages if you want the video of the whole jump. We went for the 3rd cameraman jumping with us option and the part between we let go of parachute until we land was not recorded. It might come under the hand cam package. Since the instructor has it on his arm.

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