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What's the Spot?

CAUTION: This computer generated forecast, group separation, and spot is just for reference, always check the wind conditions at the dropzone and double check the calculations for yourself. Do not rely on this tool as your only source of information for calculating jump run, the spot, or group separation delays.

Key: Yellow circles represent 1/2 mile and 1 mile references from the center of the landing zone. There are 3 pins on the map, 1 for the center of the landing zone, 2 for the spot calculations for opening point and exit point. Clicking on a pin will display the distance and direction calculated for the spot. Below the map the raw forcast data is displayed. Group separation is calculated based on a 1000ft horizontal separation and 85 knot airspeed on jumprun. You can change those values and click update to recalculate the group separation time. Horizontal separation must be at least 1000ft.

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