Skydiving Options at Skydive Pepperell

Accept no immitations, Skydive Pepperell offers of full suite of services
for the beginner, student, and experienced skydiver.

First Time Skydivers

Our Tandem Skydiving option is ideal for the first time jumper.


Student Skydivers

Learn to Skydive! Our Accellerated Freefall Program will have you licensed and jumping with your friends in no time!


Experienced Skydiving

Licensed Skydivers enjoy our strong community of skydiving enthusiasts

Welcome To Skydive Pepperell

Are you looking for the thrill of a lifetime?
Take to the skies at Skydive Pepperell!

Skydive Pepperell is the closest dropzone to Boston and is located on the border of Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire.

We offer Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Freefall Training for students.

Plus, indoor skydiving at the exciting SkyVenture Wind Tunnel in Nashua, NH, just 15 minutes from us!

Gift Certificates available online or just give us a call at 1-800-SKYJUMP!

**Please remember that skydiving is a half-day event. Please plan on spending 4 to 6 hours here! It doesn't always take this long, but be prepared and we always do our best to get people up as soon as we can! **

Tandem Price Match

We will match tandem offers from any skydiving company with a 15-plus seat turbine aircraft within 75 miles of Skydive Pepperell.