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Student Training Program - AFF

Ground Schools

Accelerated Free Fall First Jump Course (required prior to AFF Category A) $150
Refresher Course for Licensed Jumpers - Dependent upon experience and time off:  
Please call Manifest for rates and schedules  

AFF Training Phase One

Categories A, B & C1 jumps (3 jumps total) $250 each
Categories C2, D1, D2, E1, E2 (5 jumps total) $210 each


AFF Training Phase Two

Category E3 to H (with Coach or solo under supervision)
$150 each
Solo Jumps (9 Total) $80 each
Packing Class (fee arranged between packers &student)

A License Check Dive

One instructor for your license evaluation skydive (after 25 skydives):


Total: $3980

NOTE: All prices include training,
instructor fees, equipment rental, and aircraft ticket.

*Price does not include any repeats or recurrency jumps if necessary*